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September 04, 2011


I don't think things happen for a reason, but I do think that if we say "Ok, I don't like this situation much, but what can I make of it?" there is usually something interesting to be seen and captured with whatever tools are available at the time.....


I find that when I don't like the light, or I'm in a fast-moving train, or whatever, that if I take pics anyway, I'll probably get some I am happy with.


What a happy accident Marie - the Perfect shot! The colouring is just beautiful as well.

Lunch and beer doesan't sound too shabby either.

Hope your boy is well on the recovery path - let me know if there's anything I can do.



It is a wonderful capture! The kind that tugs at your heart. You have been through it all lately - earthquake as well as tropical storms. I hope quieter times (at least better weather) is on your horizon.


You've captured a lovely moment and I love what you have done to picture to make it so sweetly nostalgic and timeless - it feels it could have been snapped 30 years ago!

perfect shot for father's day..

In my mind, things always happen for a reason...we just don't always know that until much later. Wonderful, iconic image.

I can see why it was your favorite photo, I love it too

Lovely capture, Marie, and some things do happen for a reason. What a wonderful area you live in. I've only been to NYC once and we never got out of Manhattan. At some point I really want to visit the northeast up the coast. I think it would be a premium picture taking trip. Hope your son is well.

Nice to think that everything happens for a reason. A lovely image. Sweet..innocent..nice father/son bonding!!!

I think lots of things happen for a reason or else we just notice that they happen for a reason...some people don´t "see" well enough to realize what is happening. This is a fab shot of the boy and the man. The neighborhood you are roaming around in on this post is so beautiful....you are so lucky to live in such a dream-like area of the States.

I love this photo. For some reason, I've always liked photos of people from behind.

What a moment you've captured and some lessons learned, for all of us. Sometimes we miss what lies in front of us because we think we need something more. Great post Marie love the life lessons you've shared.
PS: How is your son doing? Well I trust

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