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September 28, 2011


Oh Marie! Weeds never looked so good! Thank you for your kind words...they mean the world to me. Prayers are carrying us. You do such beautiful work. **kisskiss** Deb

I love both your pieces for the Sketchbook project, they are colourful, textural and quite evocative.

what a great creation

This is a great piece, Marie. Did you work with Postworkshop on this one? Ouch! So much empathy for the back problem. Life as you know it--over. Rest up!

Ahh, Vegas is so subtle, especially with it's gold ornaments!

So sorry to hear of old injuries coming back to haunt you. At least you're still around to haunt - sounds pretty grim a broken back. I bet showering was a right rigmarole!

Love your Sketchbook image - very Ancient Acropolis with the weedy overlays.

wonderful, provocative piece, love how you used the weeds. Suffering for your art, kind of :-)
Glad you are getting a chance to go home, don't let that To Do list do you in!

Love both of your girls - this and the previous post. What an intriguing project!!!

She's lovely! Sorry about your back; I hope you don't suffer as much as you fear you will. I also hope you keep posting digital art on your to do list.

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