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October 06, 2011


Oh, holy canoli. This is SUCH a pain. I'm so sorry this happened!! Do you have to get a rental? Is your car operable? I hate this so much.

I was driving home yesterday thinking about the horrible traffic and how much I hate everyone who drives 10 miles under the speed limit, and I suddenly remembered what somoene said to me once, which is: it's possible they are having a bad day. Someone passed away, they just got bad medical news, they have a migraine and can't get home fast enough. Maybe they are old old old. Maybe they can't afford another ticket and are afraid to drive the speed limit. Maybe they had an aneurism.

I elected not to believe any of this, but at least I considered it before laying on my horn.


Sometimes it just feels better to get it off your chest..even when you know the responsible parties aren't listening. Sorry to hear of the damage and mess!

It's always so frustrating. Time will heal. And Karma will no doubt get him or her.

Un believable! This happened to us last year, had a repair for 500 euro!!! And had to pay myself, no idea who did it, so... grrr

Good job at getting it off your chest - what a prize prick the person/s are, hope thats not an indication of how they deal with every difficult situation in there life, what goes around comes around I say. Mx

SO glad no one was in the car when it happened, but I so feel what you're going through. You are certainly handling it a whole lot better than I did.

I got hit by a driver who was looking elsewhere as he turned into the carpark (I was leaving). Took my front light and spoiler off, everyone was watching as he slowed down as if to park and then accelerated the hell outa there. None of us got his rego as we all thought he was stopping.

$800 excess as I couldn't ID the driver.

Lowlifes all.Karma has a sharp eye.

they'll get theirs! meanwhile did you ever read" Atlas Shrugged"? by Ayn Rand? its 50 yrs old by now I am rereading it after many years and I believe it covers the attitudes of today very well give it a try while you are home its out in paperback!

Bummer! How do people like that live with themselves? Glad you found a way to vent.

So discouraging....

Sorry this happened; glad no one was hurt. I believe in cosmic justice; I'm just sorry we don't get tickets to watch it happen.

WELL SAID - what goes around surely must come around! I do so hope there really is Karma! HUGS

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