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October 24, 2011


This last image made me think of a kangaroo playboy centerfold. Too funny!! But - more seriously - wow..this is so exciting. I know you might take these for granted..but - for me - they're all new. What fun!!!!

Those are some of the most adorable pictures I've ever seen. Great post, thank you!

You've brought the rain and the Queen with you....


Do you have any idea how fun it is for someone on my side of the globe to check into a blog post full of kangaroos??? That was awesome! Thanks so much

Who knew a kanga would make such a cute centerfold?

Oh my. That is so funny. I have never seen a kangaroo lying down before. They certainly know how to chill out :-)

What's that on your banner?

Oh, man, Marie! These are STUNNING! What great pictures these are. You can almost feel their fur.

What fun photos!

Thank you for sharing your Roo images.......love'em!
LuAnn in Oregon

My goodness, they appear almost human-like, especially that last image! Just kicking' back watching TV - LOL!


Awesome photos. Goodness, that last shot looks like a human lounging around--my husband, maybe? Hope your visit is going well.

That last shot says it all! I'm thinking we could learn something from their laid back attitudes. So good to see that you are having a great time.

Photos are super, and certainly not something you would see in NYC!!! Thank you for sharing! Love your photos of these great animals. Jeanne

love the reclining "roo". just like one of the boys!

Nice series. I have a long time pen-pal email friend in Perth. She lives in Alexander Hights. Wish I was there with you :-)

what a great photoshoot

Shame your not teaching while your here. Enjoy your holiday. I am heading down south this weekend.

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