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November 10, 2011


I love the shot of the tail fin! I smiled as I looked at these - I went on a whale watch in Maine a number of years ago. We saw quite a few whales, but I was so seasick, I couldn't maintain my balance long enough to shoot! I'm glad to see that you were able to capture these wonderful creatures! Hugs, Terri

lucky you! a beautiful day on the water and whales too.

Great photos, I felt like I was there watching the whales with you! I love the shot of the fin!

Wow... you lucky one! Great photos you shot!

how fabulous, looks like a perfect day! one thing i hope to see in my lifetime, yet!

Such great photos! The one time I went whale watching, we didn't get near any - but we did have a great day at sea.

Fantastic shots!

Just on the doorstep, all this fun in the water. Mind you I wouldn't be dipping a toe in the ocean whilst the migration is still on. Things with sharp teeth and all that...

What an awesome experience this must have been

Spectacular show. You were so lucky for this sighting! Fabulous.

You finally made it . I was thinking of you and hoping you had good
weather. OXOX M

This is So COOL! Wow, Marie! I love it that you got to do this.
How was your demo the other day?

looks like the 200mm did quite well to me. I like this layout of photos & typography too.

once in a lifetime! thanks for sharing the trip! loved it.

You've made my day,,, thanks.

OMG! what fun!

How cool is that? What a fabulous series to mark the special day!


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