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November 03, 2011


Even a touch overccast a quiet beach is always a welcoming site

Amazing love the colors in the second one!

Small world indeed. So glad you and Cindy got a chance to meet and hang out :-) As always, love your photos of home, that land just speaks to me...

The pictures are beautiful - love the dramatic sweep of it all. I always love meeting up with blog friends, it's always an instant bonding.

Marie, both photos are stunning! So very well taken, my compliments... and yes, with the internet we tend to forget there are real live persons behind it...

Looks like you went from glorious summer to stormy. While I love the sunset, I must admit that the stormy sky is really awesome!

Both images are fabulous. Sure beats my grey day waiting for rain :-)


wow! those are blues are stunning!

Such lovely contrasting images. The same place, a different time. I love it :-)

Beautiful images of what looks like an idyllic place. Not a soul out there. So inviting.

Love your OZ images.

What a beautiful ocean landscape. And - yes - always cool to meet in real life who we've been 'talking' with virtually here online.

It is WAY cool to meet a blog friend! I'm glad you're having such a great time, and I hope the weather is nicer to you. These photos! WOAH, Nelly!

Stopped by for a visit Marie! Lovely photos of Oz. I can see you are on your annual sojourn. Enjoy your time with the boys and family. Hugs.

Oh my. What a gorgeous empty beach...................... Wow. Wish I were there.................

Thank you for sharing it with us!

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