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December 22, 2011


So cool!!!!! Merry Christmas, Marie... enjoy the time with your 3 boys! Moritz and CD arrived safely :-)

This is just too cute. I love their little "accents" ...for us that is, but my particular favourites are those sheep! What an excellent production....especially the Mum who allowed the baby to be in it!
Merry Christmas Marie...to you and yours.

So cute :-)

This definitely put a smile on my face. Happy Holidays Marie!

THAT was just so darned delightful!!
Best to you and yours :-)


Love this. I laughed..and I cried..and more. So absolutely sweet!!! Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!

The BEST version of this story I have ever seen!

With tears in my eyes......thank you so very much for sharing this lovely little film of the most precious story of all! Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus

Oh my. TOTALLY love this. The donkey. The littlest wise man. The sheeps.

"And then, they had a party."

:-) :-) :-)

Thanks so much for sharing this.

How beautiful OXOX M

That my friend was priceless, thank you for sharing it with us :-)

Incredible! The film made me laugh out loud and brought tears to my eyes. Marie, you've found the best Nativity story I have ever seen! thank you!

I agree with Joanne on this one


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