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January 13, 2012


Wow, Marie.... this is absolutly my favorite! Would lkiek to have it as a big poster in my studio :)
I am just back from a short weekend trip to the Baltic Sea and made many photos with wonderful light in winter.

Marie, one of my favoritest things of all time in your class was learning to use my own images and bump them up and make them whatever I wanted them to be. I put one of my relatives in photoshop but I couldn't do a thing with them.

Please give a class in that, will you?

Also, I had plans to read my poorly neglected blogroll this monring and had to finish making a pajama bottom from 2011, and now I'm swamped at the office and am going to have to off several colleagues before lunch. So I decided, I am going to read Marie, if that's the only one I read!!

Wonderful blending of images above. If this is what I have to look forward to, I'm VERY excited :-)


I´ve installed the code recognition some time ago for the same reason, so I understand ... Your new class sounds wonderful, and I´m soure it´ll be a great one!

Looks like a great class and a wonderful treatment. I'm thinking of adding the code back too for the same reason. Have a wonderful weekend.

excellent as always!!! can't wait for the new class!

great imagery (I wouldn't have thought of combining those two). Spammers are the Vandals of the blogging world.

Idiot codes accepted, a necessary step I'm afraid for most of us blogging.
Can see you are on a roll in developing this new class, great stuff!

those damned spammers, I wish they would stop... hope you get a solution zoo, for now I will be patient, that is my middle name, LOL.

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