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January 21, 2012


A wonderful overlay of the clouds. Clever and creative...very nice!

I can hardly wait for that class!! This artwork is wonderful. You have such amazing talent, my friend!
and, regarding Corel painter, you could probably work up a class in that, too, don't you think??

hee hee


sigh, customer services... that is a bummer most times you have to be there.

Life evolves and I guess we have to be adaptable... but sometimes it's not easy. You are managing well under the circimstances.


We need to invest in excellence, people! Not in Wal-Mart because we save $10.! Why can't CRAP be discontinued!?! HUH?

thanks for the rant.

A lovely, evocative piece. I sometimes turn to Photoshop as a refuge from computer issues; for me, it's an oasis of art in a desert of technology beyond my ken.

I'm tired just reading about all you have been up to! From the sketch book do over to the creating of a new website, coding and all. You're having a productive year, mind you I didn't say hassle free ;-) Love this lady and how the clouds go right through her face, wonderful effects.

This is absolutely lovely Marie! So sorry you are having all of the service issues..... and about your laptop. Sometimes life can get a bit irritating.

alovely image M OXOX

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