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January 20, 2012


YES! A site that's All Marie!

I have a couple of friends who can help with this, but I'm sure there would be a fee. Well, at least one of them would charge, as that's her business. But anyway, since I can't afford it, I can only attest to the final product of her labors, which is excellent. In any case, I totally believe you will DO this!

I've learned basics of html, but knowing I'd have to use it continually through the life of my site makes me lie down with a cold compress.

Well, you've created a lovely typographical graphic at least. I know even less than you and can only wrap my mind around coding for one specific tweak at a time. Then when I need to do it again, it's like starting over completely. I think the good thing for us is that we can know what lots of people feel like when they are beginning with Photoshop too. I also totally agree with not wanting to pay someone else to do it which was what everyone kept saying I should do. But then you are held hostage when ever you want any little change. So sticking with it is the right thing especially when you know you can do it. Persevere indeed!

I love your big plans :-) I have confidence that you will figure out your difficulties. Code is a foreign language, at least for me. And, having never even been to or even heard of that country, I could not do it along. I took a class, but you know that. Now I'm afraid to change anything - LOL.

Repeat after me:

Dear Self: thank you for showing me this difficult time to remind me how strong and capable I am.

Now go have a glass of wine :-)


Good luck with that! It's a project that is designed to frustrate, but imagine how much you will learn!

You make me laugh! Me too - I struggle with HTML. Not in that I don't understand it..but that if you forget one little character - you risk messing everything up. Can't wait to see the new site!

you and I seem to rant at the same time, but this time I have an idea for you! Michelle Ward does Lynne Perrella's website . its great. she must have great patience as there are many departments! And she updates it often! dont you have an artist friend who could do the same for you?? or is it just that you want to "lick" this thing that gives you so much grief??? I feel challenged just to get a post on the blog!

stick with it, you will succeed. If at first you don't succed try, try, try again. M OXOX

we will keep track of the plan

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