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January 15, 2012


I have not yet (but am going to) followed this link, but I had to comment on how amazing this piece is. This might be my favorite of your works incorporating the human form. It's not even the person herself, so much as how you've embellished and enlivened her, all the textures and the contrasting tones of the image. In the years I've known you I've always enjoyed the differences in our styles and how your images pop with high tones and more neutral colors than my darker, more rainbow-y work. You've got a real urbane, yet, earthy, grungy quality that is distinctively you.

Thanks for using what you have to make it all so much better!

I was going to zip by here direct from my blog post this morning, having gotten up with a rare swath of open time, but there was the dog to walk, an errand to run, and rainy things to dry out. Now I must caution you that you'll probably get lots of comments from me. I'll try to make them brief.

Like this one, for example.

A beautiful piece Marie.

I find I also need a face or character around which I build a digital collage of images. It is often hard to find a face that "speaks" to me, and I find I need that before I can create a piece I really like. I haven't seen this stock at DA before - time to take a look.

You are so good at making the pieces your own.

sharing is the best!!

An amazing work of art! thanks for the links on where to find images. I have not really checked out any stock images, and I think it's time I do :-)


What an inspiring and evocative piece. And - what a great idea to 'borrow' art from other sources and incorporate into your own.

Brilliant piece! At first glance, I though, I see her scars (pieces of her hair falling across her cheek look like scares to me) I think that's what this piece suggests to me, that beneath the beauty comes the haunting, the place of scars...

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