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January 23, 2012


I'm not too far behind, am I

I thought my iPod (yes, I still use one of those) battery was dead and I went to the Apple store one day without it and asked them if they could tell me how to replace the battery and she smiled and said, oh, we just take yours and give you a new one.


But then, somehow, the battery decided to charge just fine and I still have this 8 year old clunker. Love it.

This piece feels so icy! Perfect for the storm we just had.

She is a beautiful Snow Queen, transformed by your art.
In preparation for your new class, I've been browsing some stock art :-)
Corel has been fun so far, just playing.
Thx for kind words regarding my daughter. Her boyfriend has a wrist broken in 3 places :-(
Hope your computer woes will be a thing of the past soon!


Love your snow queen. I agree with you, snow and ice add a "realness" to winter - not particularly, enjoyable, but an entrenched feeling of winter.

Love your snow queen, she has secrets and she's not telling!
Sure hope you are able to repair instead of replace at some reasonable price, seems we have become a throw away society whether we like it or not ;-(

Beautiful rendering, Marie. I have sure been enjoying your posts. Thanks so much. You mentioned taking an on-line class - what one are you doing? I've been mixing up a bit with some online bookmaking and handstitching classes. Keeps me busy with the snow and cold. Hugs from Alaska. Karen

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