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February 08, 2012


So..I'm reading backwards and now realize you're doing a workshop over there..and now am even more envious. Lucky...lucky you! Can't wait to hear all about it!!!

Hey there! You are going to be so good. It's experience baby! I think your lens is long enough. And you know how to bracket shots? that can really cover a multitude of sins as long as you've recorded your shots in a little book. I cannot WAIT to see the shots of that frosty place and the ice gondolas. You've heard of them? The famous ice gondolas?!

play with depth of field!

You'll love it. David is a great teacher, his attention to the smallest details is amazing. I took an online workshop with him.

Have a nice trip, looking forward to see your pictures.

don't sweat it,

The last "official"photography class I did had me nearly swearing at the teacher and walking out.

Sooooo many camera nerds with tons of equipment, but no "eye".

You'll be fine.

How exciting! I also rely on Photoshop to correct what I don't know about when looking through the lens. I could use a good workshop as well. Have a blast.

OMG!! this is so exciting!! i can image the wonderful inspirational work you will create!!! have a great time, you deserve it the break

You're going to have a wonderful time and take fantastic photos. I love Venice and would go back in a minute if I could.

Oh, Marie, you make me laugh. I am one of those people who know more about PhotoShop than I do my own camera! Even though I have had camera lessons! But, to be honest, your adventure is the ultimate camera adventure!!! I know I would feel intimidated in such a class, but what the heck?? It's a fabulous opportunity in a fabulous city!!! Push those over thinking thoughts aside, since most everyone coming will be in the same boat :-) (or gondola)

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

slightly jealous,

OMG!!! It is a workshop to die for! Lucky, lucky you.... and us... cos we'll see at least some of the results.

I can feel your excitement - I'm just like you in that I know much more about editing a photo than actually taking one. It sounds like you will learn so much, though - enjoy!!

Love the blueberries.....

Wishing you a wonderful and hugely educational time!!!!!

(Don't forget to have fun taking pics! :-) )

I'm so excited for you Marie, you will tackle this new opportunity with the same grit and determination and then put your own spin on it so it works for you :-) Above all savour the moments, you've sacrificed to be able to take this trip, so nows the time to enjoy.

sounds like a grand trip! Venice. hope you bring mask pics. just take what you are comfortable with and can carry unless you have your own personal porter! the best thing is to have a good time and learn lots!

gglandog, that sucks

and then lug all the babies over there... then fiddle because you NEVER have the right lens at the right time...

then.. drop your camera on a cement floor like I did...eek. Will be two weeks before I even KNOW the damage.

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