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February 23, 2012


LOVE the PS version!

So gorgeous. LOVE what you do with the shots afterward. Thanks for showing both.

When I wanted to be a portrait photographer, and had my own darkroom and lights and blah blah, I was a manual maniac, for sure. I loved bracketing and burning-in and it still holds quite intrigue for me and I'm occasionally tempted to ride those waves again, but I know that my focus (haha) and passion are now with learning to put onto paper the odd permutations of my mental imagery. But I tell you... your photographs are always inspirational and eye-opening. And your photoshop class brought me to a greater appreciation of what you do and a launching pad for what I can do with my own images, beyond the F-stops, filters, frames, and even the textures on the canvas.

I hope you feel better soon.

Gasp and drool at the creative version!!!!!!!!


After dropping mine on a gallery floor and discovering it would be more than half the cost to fix it,

I am starving without it.

But you got the depth perfectly, so clear!
Must master that one.

I am a slave to auto and keep thinking I should learn to use the manual settings. I love the original photo and I love the Photoshopped versions.

I love the creative version best

I used to always be in auto mode but have very recently been playing around with aperture priority. Tons of fun!

Your photos are awesome both pre and post processing. I am definitely a point and shoot but I do try to experiment and so desperately want to learn how to take great photos. Venice is definitely been on my bucket list forever and now I will add go go at Carnivale time. So colorful!!

I can only imagine what fun you're going to have with the images you amassed in Venice. Can't wait to see!!!

You have described me to a "tee"...I'm also a point-and-shoot girl who thus far uses the camera as a means to an end. PSE and editing is where I have all my fun, but like you I hope to change that with time as I learn more about photography. It looks like you're learning a lot - your photo proves that. It's spectacular! And the creative version is fantastic!

Both renderings are solid. I would have to say that I'm pretty much an auto baby, especially when photographing children who are constantly in motion. Having said that, it seems I'm paying more attention to light and shadow. At the moment, though, it's more important for me to concentrate on content and composition, because I always paint my images. I definitely would love to take one of those trips.

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