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February 11, 2012


That's what I love about Europe... long, unhrried meals!!

Do you have fingerless gloves?!

Oh, I am delighted for you!!!!


Oh...I remember stepping onto that water taxi in Venice and thinking I'd landed in a land of magic. Just like the photos promised...and even better than that. Enjoy every minute (I'm insanely jealous!!!)

You are living it up now. Love the picture and love reading about your walking around. I cannot wait to see those pianos being moved . TWo that is a WOW! moment just for you....

Hope you are not too cold. Your photos are beautiful. I have such fond memories of carless streets and leisurely meals and beautiful sights. It's so beautiful in Venice and I know you're enjoying it to the fullest possible extent. I'm looking forward to more photos.

Oh wow, how fantastic! You are so lucky - enjoy your trip! What beautiful photos...

Your insights like your photos offer that different perspective that makes a place come alive. So glad you took the time to post this update, and share this amazing trip.

You lucky one... near by me than in USA *smile*
Enjoy your workshop, enjoy Europe and make lots of more great photos!
Hugs from Germany, also cold and freezy, but sunny and wonderful scenics on ice.

Love the photos, and the underlining story too

oh the memories..........i loved my time in venice and it is my dream to return someday.....if it's not too cold take a boat ride to the lido island
have a great trip, look forward to more wonderful pics

hooray, you are there! I believe in the coldest weather europe has had in years! do take lots of photos for us stay at homes and have good time!

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