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March 31, 2012


Do you not LOVE a great meal that is truly transporting? I think that's one of the best experience investments in life, and not simply because it tastes good.

I think the 'sitting' image is my favorite, but seriously... what you do with reality. I imagine working up a whole Alice In Wonderland version of reality just with the photographs I have in my desktop folders now. FUN.

Sounds like you had a large day in NYC. Fun shots of what you saw and enjoyed. Can't imagine the kind of prices being asked for art, phew!
And you're moving! That will be a big change not to mention the whole process of packing and moving. Good luck!

Good Luck with the Open House (last time we moved, we were out of the place before there were any Open Houses and I much preferred it that way). I love your New York photos. It fuels my plans to go there sometime this year or next (haven't been in close to 30 years). Are you going to live close enough to commute in occasionally?

Great shots! I wish I lived close to NYC...talk about photo opportunities. I've visited briefly twice, and loved it. Thanks for sharing your day!

What a great day!

what a great 'out of the box' series

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