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March 30, 2012


Congrats to Rick and you. And I trust the open house went well?

Well, nothing like the giant upheaval of moving to another state! Your to-do list must have at least tripled! Best to you in all the arrangements. Totally understandable if there is a delay...
This image is superb! Love the girl with the ballon :-)


I grew up in Connecticut and loved it there. Good luck with your move. Your class will be worth waiting for; take whatever time you need.

It sounds like a lovely move-Don't know a thing about Connecticut-It makes me wonder what beauty you will find to photograph. I can't wait to see.

No worries. You are worth the wait. In fact, moving is one of the big life stressors, so I would prefer you take your time and not rush it. Then come to us fresh instead of exhausted. Just sayin'

Yeah! You're moving closer! Now maybe we came finally get together. Make a little art... drink a little wine...

the class will be worth the wait!...................
congrats on the new job rick and i'm sure after the
caios there will be a wonderful new life!!

connecticut is a lovely state. we lived there a while long time ago ! Hope you can work out the commuting arrangements in the meanwhile! maybe husband could rent an efficiency short term! good luck and stay calm!

a bunch hits back Marie

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