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March 10, 2012


Ready yes! Can't wait!

I want to get back into Photoshop been busy since we bought a new house and move - which I know you are very familiar with!! Will you be sending out e-mails when the class is getting ready to start?? Love your work and this image is amazing!!!!

Oh...this is wonderful. Love the magic you create!!!

I can't wwaaaaiiiiiittttttttt!!!!!!!! XOXO

I hope to really get past the basics of PS in rapid time. I'm assuming PSE will be sufficient? But I don't want to plan anything because it's so challenging. I think when I had my slight auto mishap I lost the part of my brain that knows layers and screens.

(although I walked through screens prior to that, so I could be wrong)

Well, a person doesn't have to say how completely compelling this image is, does one?

So let's talk about me. I just saw a site I'd never known about. Revelations du jour.

I have a hidden one called, Things Other People Should Think About Me, but Cathie told me every single thing in it was inaccurate so I took it down. Thank goodness for her! I'd look pretty silly now, wouldn't I ?

Your hidden site is much better!!

April 19th - you are a marvel :-) THANK YOU.
I will be ready!! This is great work - love the texture you used and
it is going to be so much fun for me!!!

What a cool model and pose and treatment! I'm definitely ready for this upcoming class!

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