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March 09, 2012


Lovin' these...WOW!

Oh, man, I can't keep up! I go to the dentist, and what happens?!? I'm behind again!



Can I have your baby?

I once walked into a Home Open when we were looking to buy, and a very similiar canvas, above the bed, but naked, assaulted our eyes.

Was put off lunch well and truly.

Crank that bar as high as you can get it!

well, it has not happened yet - a boring class :-)
I will be gone a few days in April and am already concerned that I might be gone when you offer it...
YIKES! Wouldn't want that!

Have a great weekend.


I am SOOO looking forward to this class! Love these samples.

You boring???NEVER!!!!!! i have taken every one of your classes and that would never be in the discription.
WONDERFUL , CREATIVE, INSPIRING, packed full of info, tips and tricks, your classes alway take me to a new level, trying things i would have never thought possible, seeing photos and the way i photograph them in a whole new light!!!
I CAN'T WAIT FOR YOUR NEXT CLASS!!! your sampes are stunning and i know i will not be dissapointed!

Very cool effects! I love these - thanks for sharing!

Hi Marie, It has been a little while since I stopped by and all I can say is WOW! Your trip to Venice sounds truly amazing (and exhausting!) and your photos are just stunning. What a truly magical time to have been there. I love the art you have produced with some of your photos, you are such a talented and inspirational woman. Doing one of your photoshop classes has been on my wish list for a while and I will get there one day. I know I would learn a lot from you. This new class you are developing certainly sounds like it will be great, but then all your classes do! Ux

Warhol is always a great style to work with

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