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March 21, 2012


Oh..but they're so beautiful in their subtle decline. Stunning!

Marie, these are exquisite photographs! Such an artistic capture.

Maybe it reflects my age, but I love past their prime flowers. I particularly like the second photo here.

I totally agree, and you have caught some very fine detail in those petals.
Fading beauty is still beauty to me.....


They still look pretty to me :-)

exactly, Marie, how I 'do' tulips. Because near the end they are so fragile, and you're right, they do get translucent! Sometimes I cut them down so that the heads are supported more by the vase, and just let them rest until the petals start falling.

That first image looks like gouache! love it.

Art as nature intended, with the inner beauty reveled. OXOX M

Indeed they are, beautiful photos, love how you finished them out.

some times a worn out flower is even nicer to work with

my comment above sounds odd...what I meant is that it's amazing the details that don't get noticed when a lovely bunch of tulips is just sitting in vase, but take one out and plop it in the sun and ta-da. My comment read like you didn't notice LOL


wow! It's amazing what you don't notice. The petals on your tulips remind me of feathers.

Hope to catch up with you soon
'nite nite

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