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April 29, 2012


Spectacular shots, love the angles and perspectives you chose.

Oh how I wished I'd known about this! I'm in NY and could have met up with you! These are awesome photos,, so much better than what I've been shooting. It is tough to take photos with the bustle of people passing by and my son gets impatient waiting for me. I'm surprised I haven't run into a pole or tripped over something the way I look up at all the building and gawk at everything. I'm not in Minnesota anymore!

There is something so magical about the city at night - the way it sparkles and shines. Beautifully captured!

Oh, heavens to Betsy (whoever that is), these are poppin, baby!! Just love it. I hope to see it in person some day. Do you use a cable at all? I keep wanting to get one for my little snap digital, just because I move so much even when I'm not on a bridge and getting blown.

you know what I mean...

I might be your father, and therefore reckoned to be biased, but no bias needed - these are really excellent and truly professional. Love the last one. Well done again (from Australia)!!

These photos are fantastic; I'm in awe.

Given all the limitations, you did an awesome job! How fun to be in the city with like-minded people being creative together.

Oh My GOODNESS!!! Fabulous! **clapping of many hands** Can't pick a favorite, but the last one is stunning...the water with the shadows and lights. BIG NYC Love ♥♥♥ Deb

The shine/shimmer on the water of that last image is amazing. All so beautiful.
Sounds like a fun time, but I know what you mean about wanting to shoot it all
again by yourself or with less people. Haven't been to NY in several years.....
Happy Sunday!


wow!!! i love them all!

wonderful. love the chrysler bldg! and the lavender shadows.

Lovely shots..........night shooting is great fun!!

Wow Marie...
absolutely stunning this pics by night. The Chrysler Building is also one of my fave building and of course the Brooklyn Bridge. Great. Thank you for sharing!

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