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May 06, 2012


You can send those 'more than PG' shots to me.

These are quite luscious in any right, so bravo!

I didn't know you had peonies. Or, I forgot. I love the heck out of them.

I'm having some challenges, haven't been internetting, have thought of you often.

I'm glad to see you in love with your camera. The camera obviously loves you, too.

Off to see student work.


Good for you, branching out, and what beautiful pictures came from it!

And - out of curiosity - how did you find out about such a nude shooting opportunity? Have been wanting to experiment with that for a long time. How wonderful for you!

These are very cool shots.

Soft and private photography

These are beautiful as the female nude often is. I also took life drawing classes at university. Some of the models were even fellow classmates! But you stop seeing your friend nude & instead see the beautiful curves, lines & light. That is also happening now as I shoot self portraits. I no longer focus on petty imperfections and instead focus on light, composition, color, etc. Wonderfully freeing. Is there any online venue where you might feel more comfortable showing the less PG versions? I would love to see them but totally understand if not since it would likely draw unwanted attention to you. Downside of the mostly wonderful interweb.

That must have been a most enjoyable photo shoot!!
(sorry I interrupted it with my questions)


The pictures you shared are lovely...I have done a couple of nude "life drawing" sessions and remember how nervous I was beforehand. But once I started drawing, I became so focused that I felt completely comfortable. This sounds like a wonderful experience - thank you for sharing!

You can find some inspirational and beautiful fine art nude images here: http://www.joanbleasephotography.co.uk/#!fine-art-nude


Sue x

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