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July 15, 2012


You know, Marie, sometimes I wonder if I didn't have children really because I never had a maternal instinct, or if I didn't have em because I knew their leaving would do me in. After I found out about my coworker's child, who she worked so hard and spent so many hours raising up and loving, had passed away at 19, I just could not imagine how she can go on. It's amazing what human's deal with sometimes, isn't it?

I mean, if I don't know where my dog is, I get nervous.

(Okay, I realize that's an odd juxtaposition, but what can I say?)

But my real reason for coming over here was to ask you... really? Really? You SEW QUILTS, TOO?!

you're kind of making me mad.

I still haven't recovered from the feeling of loss since i visited my son in NY. The time was too short. I miss being able to meet some where and do something together. Now I hope he'll visit me for Christmas.

Motherhood is not for sissies, and that's the truth.........

Sending you much sympathy.

Sweet blankets. I often find comfort in sewing: so full of texture, colors and accomplishments.

I can imagine how tough it was, for a mother... but feel in your heart that they are still there Marie, always and everywhere they go

Oh, I know that empty feeling when your grown child comes home, and then leaves again. No matter how old they get to be, their presence is missed again. Your blankets are so sweet - keeping your hands busy with something you love always helps!

I know how you feel.
Stay busy. The blankets are going to beautiful!


Sewing can be very soothing ~ specially the type you immersed yourself into for very good reasons. I know it must be difficult have part of your family on the other side of the world. I suffered when my daughter lived in Edinburgh, Scotland, and then in Manhattan for another 2 years while I was way out here on the west coast. Thank goodness for email, texting, Skype, etc :-)

No grand babies for me yet, and I'm happy with that ~ my son who graduated in May is moving back here in August and looking for a job to go with that degree ~ it's a nice feeling to get them close again.


hugs! as you know being neither of my guys live nearby, nor the grandbabies, i well know that feeling of emptiness until adjusting back to a quieter life. so pleasurable to spend the physical time with them, especially now they adults and there the leisure to really enjoy the company of the men they have become. xoxo

If time passes in a blink then next time you blink you'll be seeing one of those babies again! they miss you too, Mom! they just cant say so!

Time passes in a blink it seems, I know you savoured every moment with your son. Can only imagine how difficult it is not to have your guys living close by.
Those blankets are going to be wonderful you choose such fun designs.

I love the patterns in the blankets! It's tough living away from our kids even if ours are grown! Each good bye is tough. I had to say good bye to my two last weekend. I am feeling for you!

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