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August 08, 2012


WOW I haven't checked in for awhile - so many wonderful photos. I moved 12 miles from one part of town to another and I thought it was an adventure. Your Mum sounds amazing.

Safe travels and enjoy the adventure!

What a marvelous trip you have planned ~ sounds like great fun.
What a beautiful swirly globe you have made :-)
Safe travels ~


Travel safely, have fun!

I think thats fantastic Marie. She sounds like an amazing woman. Obviously travel is in the blood! Mx

I read this already and got interrupted and here I am reading it again and I still don't believe it!!

Not that you're fibbing or anything...

WOW! This is great stuff.

The first question I have is: David's not a nurse, is he?

Have fun!

Wow -- moving to Germany from Australia at 70+! That IS an adventure! Does she have family/friends there? Does she speak German?

safe travels my freind and enjoy!

your world looks more beautiful than mine this am! enjoy your class and give mom a hooray for me for doing what she wants!

this is pure art to me, nice one Marie

It sounds like you will be just a hop, skip and a jump away from us soon, Marie! When exactly and where??? I love your "globe!"

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