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September 17, 2012


Another comment from moi. Because I have to say that I have a like/hate relationship with clowns, as so many of them look like dolls, and I don't much like dolls, because they sometimes freak me out, and this is obviously about ME, but...

Those Shoes Rock!!

I think back to last Monday and remember that our morning traffic was so horrific we all got to the office in major snits and were bitching about the traffic for an hour. I guess school's in session and summer's really over...

Wow - that's driving dedication!

Being very clown heavy, this set of images would have sent my boy screaming out of the house. He had the most acute fear of clowns, puppets, masks, stufefd dolls and owls. It wasn't until he was old enough to talk that he finally told us he was terrified of the tiny clown marionette hanging on his wall (talking 3 inches most here), and of his Bert & Ernie dolls. After we took them away, he was finally able to spend the whole night in his room - what a relief!

you got some great shots! Good thing there was a great reward on the other side of those 3.5 hours! ugh.

I cannot help SMILING!! Thanks Marie

Love the color intensity here. For unknown reasons, my favorite is the shoes.

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