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September 15, 2012


I never quite understand why anyone would question your doing whatever you want! It's obviously only to our benefit that you. That abstract is totally groovy! In America, however, photographing nudes is not seen as an artistic endeavor. We know it is. It's also quite gruelling and can get hot and throw surprising obstacles at you, and all that. When I was taking portraits, it might have been a tad harder technically, but the same artistic judgments on form, contrast, light, tone, mood, prop-work and acquiescence to the model's own demands, will always apply. If that's not working artistically, I don't know what is!

Until I began shooting models some time back, I might not have gotten this. But now I sure do. It is such a dynamic and fun experience. I believe in order for the images to shine, you have to get a connection going with the model. Which just adds another dimension to the photography.

These are very lovely. Keep it up!

I think all of your marbles are intact ~ I envy you these opportunities
I'm sure you will make the most of it in a creative way that only you can do ~ wonderfully well.


Dear Marie,

I follow your blog for a quite a long time now. I think we have been on creativematrix together for some years although I didn´t belong to the busy collageartists there.
For health issues digital is on hibernate for me but I still love to see digital composition and photography. And your work is adorable !
I love your photos and these are great !
I do not think at all that you´ve "lost your marbles" - if you take a new way it can be so rewarding.
Don´t let anybody ever stop your curiosity( I know you won´t) - and I sooo understand how satisfying it is to have own photos you can use for whatever you want to do - this is so freeing.


Beautiful shots, love the softness of the b/w's and that string dress made for an amazing picture. It's obvious you are gaining a lot of knowledge and experience in photographing people, I say indulge your creative brain, you're getting amazing results :-)

being artistically inclined I didn't even cross my mind to think something like this would be viewed as weird to do?!

I think these photos are terrific. How cool that this is available to you.

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