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September 26, 2012


You have a way of making these pictures tell a story. Thanks for sharing. Keep them coming!!

These images are gorgeous. You have captured the light so well in both and the colors are so warm and rich. Definitely worth the time it took to find all these images!

These images are exquisite, Marie ~ no matter how you came about them, I am there for this class :-)
Yes, I need to learn more, and more, and more :-)


It always amazes me when composites are made and they wind up so beautifully integrated and smooth and intense and rich like these are! It is apparent from your recent blog posts that you are really busy, and with intricate, focused work. But I was thinking it might be nice to collaborate on a sketchbook. We could swap it back and forth and do our own thing on our pages. And since I'm NOT a photographer, the variety would be interesting, I think.

Absolutely stunning. Looking forward to news about the new class.

Truly lovely images Marie - so full of "soul".

I daren't ask how many images in your digital library....

I could get lost in Winter's Light, it's extraordinary! You do amazing things with photos so I'd say all that organizing is worth the end results :-) Cataloging, keywording could use a course on this!

New class files> keep us posted Marie

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