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October 03, 2012


This is absolutely fabulous!! Your creations always mesmerize and inpsire me!! (And - sorry - can't particularly think of a title..or not at this moment!)

As usual, I missed this. Looking forward to hear the winner.

My suggestions are...

I sure miss those flying monkeys.

Late for the launch again. Now all I have is this elephant. And he's really slow.

Actually, it wasn't so bad, taking Claud to the airport...

Stan and Herb Ran Away to Join the Circus
The Adventure Begins

LOVE this Marie!
How about Ganesha's Escape?

above and beyond OXOX M

Releasing dreams!

Daydream Believing

OH, silly me ~ this IS really awesome work :-)


Above and Beyond
Waiting for Your Return
I'll Wait for You
Silent Breezes
The Journey

Ok, I'll stop now



"Here they come!"
I love the collage!!! Marie, your work just keeps getting better!

Friends Watching for Freedom (freedom as in the balloons setting of, Friends the monkey and elephant)

I like altered reality (realities). The only other
Thing I can come up with off the top of my
Head are digital surrealism, dreamscapes, or digital
Dreamscapes, digitized dreams, dream realms, altered realms,
skewed views ???That's All I got at the moment sistah. I do love the look
Of this creation.

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