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October 21, 2012


What an amazing palette of hues of yellow Marie,
What joy it must have been to be amongst it all. Hope all is well with you and yours. Mx

Wonderful photos my dear - hope you have recovered.
I had a similar dose recently!
Look forward to catching up in Perth - perhaps this Christmas?
Come for a sail.

Oh, it truly is Fall there! Gorgeous landscapes with autumn color.
We saw lots of rain last weekend and I came home to our first rainy days, but we need it so bad.
Hope the flu is behind you now and you can enjoy the rest of your trip :-)


What a beautiful place! And what glorious photos you've taken!

Unbelievable... you picked the best German Autumn weather ever for these great shots!It's really rare that the temperatures like this year. So great!!! How long will you stay in Germany? All the best for your cold, get well soon!

Those images are so beautiful. Looks a bit like paradise!

Wow, Marie -- gorgeous shots. Love the first, with the reflection!!! I'm surprised that crop is planted parallel to the slope, rather than perpendicular. Is it grape vines, do you know?

I surely can't tell you are ill -- these are beautiful.

I hope you are feeling much better!

get well soon, and as for the photos, I love the last one best!!

When I still lived in Germany we loved to take trip to the Mosel. It ALWAYS included some wine tasting as well. Trier was a very popular destination as well.

Great photos (the third one is my favorite). Hope you feel better.

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