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October 08, 2012


It took my poor brain a while to
'get' the title/caption but finally...LOL..Monkey's..LOL Good title for your work.

Congrats to Leslie!!
That is a great caption.

And as for what else can you do with other people's art...?
Your Tempest photo is up on my computer. Thank You!

Amazing finds in the city ~ despite the weather, you captured some great images.
Congrats to Leslie :-) I totally get the pun...

Art is everywhere, no doubt about that! Great shots.

Re: other's artwork - a lot fo uni students thought it their right ot "sample" others' work in their own pieces. Took it as a challenge almost. I saw no problem, as long as credit was given, but most times it wasn't.

The frost is on the pumpkin here in Canada too Marie. We are celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and that means really the end of the lawn furniture. I had my mitts on last night as well. Love your captures of the Artfair. Must get back to that city which is an inspiration in itself. Delighted you enjoyed my caption :)

Great city pics (NYC may offer a few more interesting photo opportunities than Kalamazoo).

No. 2 is my favorite today

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