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October 31, 2012


What a hard time you are having. Sorry to hear things are this way for so many. Glad that your home is solid and you have a chance to get warm at your husbands work . it will be weeks before things can start to get back to normal. Hang in and keep your spirits up. It is a hard job -been there and do not ever want it again. Stay strong and prayers are coming your way.

We are watching and listening and it is incredible to think of what you're going through.
Love and hugs and smooches for you
and the best of wishes and hopes that recovery continues swiftly for all.

P.S. Take Care and hang in there!!!! Sending good thoughts and prayers your way!!!

Glad to hear you are ok - if without power!! Living in a hurricaine zone, my candle addiction has also come in handy a few times in the last 15 years that we have lived in Florida. I have also used solar yard lights inside at night too - I get the ones that sit and not on stakes - charge them up in the days before the hurricaine and then use them when we loose power (they last most of the night). For cooking we have gotten very inventive with the BBQ grill which gets used alot anyhow.

I'm so glad you and your family are safe, but I'm sure the lack of electricity is getting very old by now. My heart goes out to all those affected...I hope life can return to normal for you very soon!

thank goodness you are safe ~ my heart goes out to those who are suffering.
I truly hope you can return to power soon.


Glad to hear that you are riding this all out. We are thinking of you and wish you all best. I was worried about earthquakes in Southern California :) Take care and let us know how you are..when you can.

You are so clever! I'm glad you are all safe and hope for a speedy return to "normal".

Like your olive oil idea and am filing it away! Great piccy! Hugs to both you and your dear husband.

The challenges of getting by without hydro in a world run by it, feel for you, surely hope they are able to make the repairs soon.

Wonderful image by the way

Happy to hear that you are safe! this Sandy storm is one we all will never forget! we lucked out . our little town kept its power which for us is a rare thing. we are 30 minutes from Atlantic city what a difference!! hope you get electricity soon!

Glad to know you are safe and warm, good old Girl Guides, Be Prepared
Our thoughts and prayers are with the hundreds that are less fortunate.M OXOX

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