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November 05, 2012


Beautiful - all of the versions!!!!
Hope you are getting back to 'normal' and this next storm is just a cool breeze!!! :)

Clock-like! That's what I like about the fourth one! It's more architectural and mathematic.

I'm not commenting about this again.

I think I like the first and the fourth images the best. The fourth one looks more iridescent, and the first is more Mandala like.

Okay, seriously. I want a mural of this.
The gold grid just pops out!

Talk about mosaicky! This is a sight-fest.

Just love it.Great photo of our hill.OXOX M

It reminds me of a mix between a mandala and a God's Eye. Beautifully done.

That's funny, I've heard that line from my Dad and Mum growing up, I took it to heart as well :-)
I can't believe what you did with that photo! amazing skills and imagination girl!

It takes a good farmer to pick the best sow. great transformation! I hope the weather forgets both of us! enough!

They are all divine "silk purses"! Really extraordinary - did you add up the hors spent pixel pushing? An artist friend of mine is so meticulous with her record keeping - she keeps count of every 15min block she spends on a piece.

It just reminds me of how slack I am.

So glad that you are all on the road back to normality, and you have a new found skill of olive oil lamp making to boot!

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