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February 25, 2013


Lake Norman?!!?!? It's beautiful there!

I hope you get to teach in person more!

who the hell would take someone else's stuff? disgusting.

marie, I'm shocked that someone ripped off your your syllabus ~ I remember enjoying that class so much! I hope that you have some sort of retribution!!!
Would love to attend classes with you ~ I love your "cooked up" pieces very much.
Will put Charlotte, NC, on my radar :-)


I know you'll be successful teaching in person, but I'm still hoping for more on-line classes. I love your "cooked up" art. Sorry to hear your hard work has been stolen.

Great image and congrats on the move!

Marie, I've been through the exact same thing with my teaching, but by my own students! They think you won't notice....the best thing is to just ignore them and get on with being the best you can be.

I've been copied with my giftware products (my supplier took my designs to China to have them copied and mass produced), people have "sampled" my art and now my teaching. There's a saying that "Once you've been ripped off you know you'e made it!"

You will be wonderful as a face to face teacher and no doubt very very popular!

Sounds like you are going to have no problem transitioning to your new place, love the ideas and look forward to seeing all that you come up with. That lake area looks amazing, serious case of envy going on!
I love that your work reflects so much of what your life has been all about. Unique wonderful works of art.
Truly sucks that other artist violate fellow artists without thought. Take inspiration from yes, but don't just take!

There are always people who will steal whatever they can.Ill gotten gains will come back to bite them on the butt. OXOX M

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