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March 14, 2013


I can imagine the lake will be most inspiring creatively!

WOW - Great view!! Congradulations on your new place!!!

So glad you're settled!
We're on vacation with friends but had to check in! This photo is lovely. I think when you get nice sunsets that's the best sign

That view is amazing - I can't wait for more pictures. Take your time I am in my new house 2 years and still have a few unpacked boxes I am embarrassed to say.

Congrats on your move! It looks like a beautiful place... :)

what a lovely spot! We lived in Eden, N.C. for the first 5 y3ars we were married and loved it! please tell me about lake Norman. the name is faintly familiar but the location is lost! Is it one of n.c.'s man made lakes? 50 years ago is too long gone I'm afraid. hope you love it for a long time! eventually the boxes will disappear enjoy Spring!

Congrats!! It is beautiful. Take your time...where else is it going to go?

WOW what a great view, don't rush sometimes you need to live in a place amongst the boxes to get a feel for where everything should go. Looking forward to the evolution of the lake view.

I'm so happy for you OXOX M

Who would get sick of lake pictures! You're in your new home; you can live with boxes as long as you like.

Phenomenal indeed! Serious envy going on here! I'm looking forward to all the lake and sunset pictures you can offer us, what a view and what a shot! I'm glad to hear you plan on pacing yourself with the unpacking, in the end it's those moments of joy that count in life and a camera to capture each one :-)

You're in a perfect place to put your feet up and enjoy the view, I would say! Take your time.

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